Safety on the Slopes


  • Is the equipment in good working condition and is it the appropriate size for the person using it? Properly sized equipment will greatly reduce a malfunction.

  • Consider a yearly tune up by a technician.

  • Consider updated rental equipment that has been checked by a technician.

  • Properly sized helmets protect and keep the heat from escaping.

  • Is the winter attire appropriate to the conditions of the weather? Proper layering of clothing will help in the prevention of being cold or wet.

  • Consider lessons, if new to the sport. There are many programs to suit individuals and groups.


  • The runs are marked with signage that indicates the difficulty: Green is Novice, Blue is Intermediate, and Black is Advanced.

  • Advance to more difficult runs when ability is suitable.

  • Stay within the boundaries of marked runs.

  • There are Freestyle Terrain features that may be encountered throughout the area. These are made up of manmade and natural terrain variations. Some areas will require helmet use.  Features will be appropriately marked.

  • Conditions can change throughout the day due to weather conditions and temperature.

  • Know there is Patrol Services onsite.

  • Take the time to familiarize with posted signage throughout area.

  • Take the time to read the Alpine Responsibility Code.

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