Skill Tracker

How to make sense of your Skill Tracker.

This is your guide to better understand your skill tracker and what your next steps should be.

Each individual learns at a different pace and there are many variables that will help or hinder a student’s progression. These variables may include:

  • Physical condition & fitness (strength & endurance) Eg. Does the student participate in other physical activities?
  • Psychological factor - Eg. Is the student afraid of steep terrain?
  • Equipment - Eg. Is the student’s equipment suitable? Does it fit?
  • Environmental conditions (snow, terrain etc.) - Eg. Is the snow soft/sticky/icy? and how does the student manage changing terrain
  • Technical skill (experience and mileage) - Eg. Does the student practice outside of the lesson time?

We don’t see skiing/snowboarding as a pass or fail activity, more so an activity of constant progression and improvement.

INTRODUCED (Initiation): The task, movement or action is new to you.

WORKING ON IT (Acquisition/Consolidation): You’ve been previously introduced to this task and are working towards finding consistency.

GOT IT! (Refinement): You are consistently performing this task, movement or action.


“I see the checkmarks, but what does it all mean?”

Completion of Levels:

For a student to have completed a Level, everything must be checked off in the GOT IT! Column. Remember, the goal is consistency and the student must demonstrate this to be able to progress onto the next level and/or more advanced tasks.

Also, it takes time to fully complete some levels – in most cases, it takes more than one season to move on to the next level  depending on variables such as the ones listed above.

**Sample of a Level 4 that is NOT complete. (Varied check marks WITHOUT “completed level” checked off). THIS MEANS YOU ARE CURRENTLY LEVEL 3, WORKING TOWARDS LEVEL 4

**Sample of a Level 4 that IS complete. (All checks are in GOT IT column AND “Completed Level” must be checked as well). THIS MEANS YOU ARE CURRENTLY LEVEL 4

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