Snow School Program Information

Snow School Program Information

Thank you for making Glen Eden your destination of choice this winter! 
We hope your experience with the Glen Eden Snow School will be a great one, and we have provided some useful reminders and tips to help ensure success

Check Your Equipment

• Poorly tuned equipment can be dangerous and it is the biggest detriment to success on the slopes!
• Your skis and snowboard will likely require a tune­up at the start of the season and at least once during the season, depending on how often you use them.
• Have a professional ensure that ski and snowboard bindings are adjusted properly.
• Ensure your poles are the proper length. Note that beginners and children under age 8 do not use poles until instructors indicate that you are ready for them.
• Helmets are highly recommended for everyone. They are mandatory in the Terrain Park. Helmet rentals are available in the Rental Shop.
• Rental equipment is available. Check out our
pre-paid rental program (in the Rates & Programs Guide or online) before you arrive to save time and money. Remember to leave ample time to get rentals before your lessons start.

Program Levels & Classes

• We use the level system to help organize groups and keep you informed of your progress. Keep in mind that there will be some natural variance of abilities in every group.
• Classes are grouped based on the level you indicated at registration, age, and initial assessment. Snow School staff will work with you to ensure you are
in the proper group. Be prepared that things may change from what you indicated at registration.
• Your lesson tag is not only proof of purchase for your lesson program, but also helps instructors with identification. Please ensure this tag is attached to clothing and visible at all times. Replacement tags are available at the Visitor Centre or East Lodge lower level.
• Please ensure you have your Lesson Lift Pass and Lesson Tag for your first and subsequent lessons.

Skill Progression

• Basic skills of skiing and snowboarding are
the same from beginner to expert. Do not be concerned if you follow similar drills from year
to year. Instructors even use them in their own training routines!
• Be patient with your ability for the first lesson or two. It may take time to regain skill after a spring, summer, and fall spent away from the slopes. Other factors that can impact ability are growth spurts, equipment changes (larger equipment is often stiffer and more difficult to maneuver), and overall fitness level.
• Skill progression is not linear or consistent. It is very normal to experience spurts of faster progression, and periods where improvement takes time.
Be patient, you're getting there!
• Take advantage of your lift access option after your lessons. Lessons should complement your time on the slopes and the more you practice, the better you will get!


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