Glen Eden Ambassadors

You’ll see the Glen Eden Ambassadors arriving first thing in the morning while the sun rises over the hill, and they are the last ones to leave when only the moon is lighting the sky. Our ambassadors know that to master their sport, it takes blood, sweat, grit, and determination. They practice, and then practice again. Glen Eden Ambassadors understand the glory and satisfaction of not only meeting, but exceeding past their goals. They live for the bite of cold air on their faces when they race down the hill, and the joy of flawlessly landing a jump. To Glen Eden Ambassadors, freedom is fresh snow on a bluebird day. Their love of skiing and snowboarding is all-encompassing. We don’t accept staying indoors in winter, because people like us: we find meaning in hitting the slopes every chance we get.

Below you’ll meet Team GE – professional skiers and snowboarders, and you’ll meet our Glen Eden Locals – people of all skills and levels; all of our ambassadors espouse the GE lifestyle whether they’re competing in international competitions or rush to come to the hill every day after school or work. We’re proud to have all of our ambassadors represent us. 

Team GE

Meet our rising stars! Follow them when they travel to international competitions and make the podium. 

Kevin MacDonald 

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin began his skiing journey at the age of three. Just after learning to walk, his parents got him on the slopes of the Glen Eden Learning Centre where he made countless laps on Little Dipper and Comet working on his "Snow Plow" Technique. Growing up in Mississauga, Glen Eden was the place to be for Kevin and his family. Glen Eden was only a 20 minute drive and had such variable skiing terrain. They were always finding something fun to do. As the years progressed, Kevin worked his way through Glen Eden's Learn to Ski programs until the age of 10. After being challenged by his brother, Kevin moved into the Learn to Race program. After one year: he was hooked. The excitement of going as fast as possible down a set course pushed his boundaries and helped him become a better skier. He later progressed to the Milton Heights Racing Club where he built confidence, friendships, and a heartfelt love for skiing. While ski racing with MHRC, he volunteered in the apprentice ski coach program and he coached the house league program for 2 years. After developing a multitude of different ski racing skills, Kevin decided to pursue the new and exciting discipline of ski cross. With 4 skiers racing down a track with jumps, rollers and berms it made every race that much more exciting. Kevin is now a member of the coveted Canada Ski Cross team and travels all over the world representing Canada in the sport of ski cross. Always wanting to give back, Kevin visits Glen Eden every chance he gets to ski with all the kids and get them excited as he is about skiing.

Audrey Shieh

This year for the 2017/18 season Audrey will focus all of her energy into the full North American (NorAm) Cup circuit and the Junior Worlds Championships, as well as striving for competing at one or more World Cups. Her goals for this upcoming season are to make it on the National Development Team which means she must meet the qualifications of being the top Canadian on the North American Cup Tour. Her personal goals are to consistently be in the Top 8 at NorAms, rank well at Junior Worlds, and to enter into the World Cup circuit. Most importantly, she will strive to push myself out of her comfort zone to grow and learn as an athlete in the sport that she loves. 





Our local ambassadors come from all walks of life and you’ll see them frequently on our hills. Our locals truly live life on our hill.

Will Johnson 

Will Johnson

Will Johnson has spent his winters at Glen Eden even before they allowed snowboarding (it’s true he did start on skis). Will is an active member of the Ontario snowboarding community, and he judges contests, MC’s, films for local and major videos productions, and he previously organized the BRO-SESH for 8 years here at Glen Eden. Will has also worked in the industry doing every job from “shop kid” all the way up to managing the Canadian distribution of a major snowboard brand. He’s truly done it all. Will currently runs his own small business here in Milton “Community Visuals” producing engaging video content for his clients.

So if you see Will at Glen Eden say “hi” because he often shows up alone but never rides that way for long.




Carrie Scherkus 

Carrie wears many hats: she's a wife, mother, photographer, runner, and snowboarder. Getting outdoors and being active helps her deal with the stresses of everyday life. She enjoys sharing her love for the outdoors with her family and is extremely excited to finally have all 3 of her kids sliding sideways this winter season! She has a blog called Sweat Like a Mother Runner where you can read about all of her outdoor pursuits!







Dan Black

Dan has been snowboarding for 20 years. He used to go surfing every winter then finally decided to embrace winter instead of running from it. Right from the first day he tried Snowboarding he was hooked. After a few years he earned a CASI certification and never looked back. Almost every day of the week you will find Dan spending most of his time in  the Terrain Park with a few extra runs down  the faster trails. Dan says being able to be outside and enjoy what mother nature has to offer is one of the best ways to stay physically and mentally fit. At 58 years old skiing and snowboarding have definitely kept Dan feeling young.

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