Glen Eden Ambassadors

We are excited to announce the Glen Eden Ambassadors for 2019-2020! These are skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels that spend their spare time out on the slopes. They’re the faces you have probably seen unloading their gear in the parking lot, waiting in line for the chairlift or warming up in the lodge. They get here for first chair and they stay until last laps. They’re here for the blue skies and fresh powder and for rainy days and slush. Whether they are up and coming pros or just starting out on the hill, we’re proud to the have the Ambassadors to represent Glen Eden. 

Will Johnson


Nastazja Usakiewicz

Nastazja is a skier from Milton and she has been skiing at Glen Eden since she was 5 years old. She is also a ski instructor and racing coach at Glen Eden, which makes the hill like a second home to her, because she is there almost every day.





Ben Glass

Ben is a snowboarder from Guelph and he has been snowboarding at Glen Eden for ten years. When he's not travelling across the world and snowboarding around the country, Glen Eden is the "awesome little hill" where Ben comes to get some turns in.





Kristina Heino

Kristina is a snowboarder from Burlington and she has been snowboarding at Glen Eden for seven years. When she's not surfing, skateboarding, skydiving and travelling the world, Kristina comes to Glen Eden with her friends.




Ian MacGregor

Ian is a snowboarder from Hamilton and he has been snowboarding at Glen Eden since he was 10 years old. Ian is a coach at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone on the weekends but Glen Eden, being so close to home, is where he comes when he wants to get some park laps in during the week.




Daniel Palmieri 

Daniel is a skier from Georgetown and he has been skiing at Glen Eden for ten years. He is also a shift lead in the terrain park shift at Glen Eden. Daniel loves meeting, teaching and helping  people out on the hill—and he especially wants to help younger kids feel less intimidated in the terrain park.




Diego Pascoalino

Diego is a snowboarder from Milton. He has only been snowboarding at Glen Eden for a couple of years, but when he's not taking photos, making videos, working on his motorcycle or spending time with his family, he's at the hill—and he usually has his camera with him!

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