Glen Eden Ambassadors

We are excited to announce the Glen Eden Ambassadors for 2018-2019! First, meet the Team—professional skiers and snowboarders that travel the world, compete in international competitions and make their hometowns, and hometown hills, proud. Then, meet the Locals—skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels that spend their spare time out on the slopes. They’re the faces you have probably seen unloading their gear in the parking lot, waiting in line for the chairlift or warming up in the lodge. They get here for first chair and they stay until last laps. They’re here for the blue skies and fresh powder and for rainy days and slush. Whether they are up and coming pros or just starting out on the hill, we’re proud to the have the Ambassadors to represent Glen Eden. 

The Team

Kevin MacDonald 

Kevin MacDonald

Kevin began skiing at the age of three, not long after learning to walk. His parents started him out at the Glen Eden Learning Centre, where he made countless laps on Little Dipper and Comet. Kevin worked his way through the Learn to Ski program until the age of 10 when he was challenged by his brother to sign up for the Learn to Race program. After one year, he was hooked. He later joined the Milton Heights Racing Club where he volunteered in the apprentice ski coach program and coached the house league program for two years. Kevin eventually decided to pursue the new and exciting discipline of ski cross. Today, Kevin travels the world as a member of the Canada Ski Cross team, but he still comes back to ski at Glen Eden as often as he can.



Audrey Shieh

This year, Audrey will focus all of her energy into the full North American (NorAm) Cup circuit and the Junior Worlds Championships, as well as striving for competing at one or more World Cups. Her goals for this upcoming season are to make it on the National Development Team which means she must meet the qualifications of being the top Canadian on the North American Cup Tour. Her personal goals are to consistently be in the Top 8 at NorAms, rank well at Junior Worlds, and to enter into the World Cup circuit. Most importantly, she will strive to push myself out of her comfort zone to grow and learn as an athlete in the sport that she loves. 




The Locals


Louis Philippe

Will Johnson

Louis grew up in Quebec City and learned to ski at the many hills around him. When he moved to Ontario, Louis continued to ski every winter, often taking trips to Vermont, Montreal and back to Quebec City. Once he became a dad, he wanted to share his love of skiing with his daughter, so he brought her to Glen Eden and she loved it! Louis says he can’t wait to teach his son to ski but, with his son being only 16-months-old, he might need to wait a little longer. Until then, you can find Louis and out on the hills his daughter.





Adam Blasco 

When he was eight years old, Adam saw his older brother snowboarding and knew he wanted to try it for himself. The following winter, he started lessons at the Glen Eden Learning Centre with his Corbett’s starter package.  He says he remembers the moment he fell in love with snowboarding—it was first time he made it all the way to the bottom. “I thought I was a pro!” Today, Adam goes snowboarding almost every weekend in the winter and whenever he goes to Glen Eden, it brings back that same excitement he felt as a kid! “If you see me on the hill, come say ‘hi’ and let’s do some runs together!”





Carrie Scherkus

Carrie started out skiing as a teenager and then switched to snowboarding as soon as she outgrew her ski boots! Today, Carrie spend most of her weekends during the winter snowboarding with her husband and her three kids. “Getting outdoors and being active helps me deal with the stresses of everyday life,” she says. She enjoys sharing her love for the outdoors with her family and with others, which is why she also has a blog, Sweat Like a Mother Runner, where you can read more about her outdoor adventures!





Megan Welch

Growing up, Megan thought snowboarding was so cool but, as a competitive hockey player, winter weekends were busy. When she was 16, she got a chance to try snowboarding and she was hooked! Two years later, Megan become certified snowboard instructor, and two years after that, she become a certified ski instructor. Megan sees skiing and snowboarding as “choose your own adventure” sports. “Would I rather set my edges in hard and carve something steep or toss up some snow on something a little more mellow?” Megan says she loves that Glen Eden has so many options, depending on what she’s feeling. “I’m so excited to spend another year riding here!”







Nicole Court

Nicole is a former competitive hockey player turned stickhandling coach, personal trainer and social media influencer. She also competes in downhill ice-skating races with Red Bull Crashed Ice, downhill snowskating races with Snow Dogs and—no surprise—she loves to snowboard. When she’s not on the ice, she’s on the slopes and Glen Eden is one of her spots to shred. Nicole says she’s pumped for the snowboard season. “See you out there!”






Tia Rumble

Tia is an archery, equestrian, hiking and running enthusiast. A few years back, she decided to start making the most of winter, so she went out and bought her first snowboard. The more confidence she built, the more she immersed herself in snowboarding and, after a while, she started playing around on some features in the terrain park. She says the positive vibes at Glen Eden make it a welcoming and encouraging place to learn new things and push your limits. “It’s so inspiring to watch people hit features before me—nailing tricks that I hope to accomplish myself one day!”





Carson Sharp

Carson started skiing around the age of five and he was fortunate enough to have a hill in his hometown of Timmins. Growing up, his parents took him on ski trips around the country and it was during these trips that he developed a love for freestyle. The hill in his hometown didn’t have a terrain park but, after moving to Kitchener for college, he started skiing the terrain park at Glen Eden. “The park always has good vibes, sick rails and a fun layout to ride with friends.” Carson says he is stoked to be able to promote freestyle skiing, inspire kids to try freestyle and support Glen Eden.”





Lindsay Russell

Lindsay started snowboarding ten years ago when her best friend and Local Ambassador, Kayte Shaw, brought her out to Glen Eden and got her on a snowboard. Ever since then, Lindsay and Kayte have been hitting up hills around the province, making friendships that would last a lifetime and always coming back to spend time on the slopes where they got their start. “Glen Eden is a great place to meet new people and progress your skills on the hill and in the terrain park. If you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hello. I’m always looking for new people to ride with!””





Kayte Shaw

Kayte started snowboarding at Glen Eden when she was about 14 years old with her best friend and Local Ambassador, Lindsday Russell. After living out west for a couple of years, she has now found her way back to Ontario for another season of shredding at Glen Eden. She says it’s the vibe in the terrain park, the friends she has met in the park and the memories she made on those chairlift rides that makes Glen Eden feel like home for her. “Over the years, I’ve met some pretty rad people and every winter I am reminded of the memories I have made—most of them started here!””

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