Kelso Weekly Cyclocross Race Series 2013

NEW FOR 2013!
Kelso Weekly Cyclocross Race Series

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Building on the hugely successful Weekly MTB Race Series we are now launching a Weekly Cyclocross Race Series for the fall

  • This is a fun a friendly series that will cater to newbies and seasoned racers alike
  • You'll race on a short (1.5 - 2.5km) loop UNDER THE LIGHTS of the ski hill
  • No need for specialized equipment, cross or mountain bikes will work fine
  • Multiple ability and age categories
  • Weekly draw prizes
  • Season end category prizing
  • Guaranteed GOOD TIMES!


  • Race #1 -September 10th - Routes now marked (Click here for beginner/novice loop and here for intermediate/expert loop)
  • Race #2 - September 17th - Same as Race #1 above
  • Race #3 - September 24th - Same as Race #1 above
  • Race #4 - October 1st - NEW course now marked! (Click here for beginner/novice loop and here for sport/expert loop)
  • Race #5 - October 8th
  • Race #6 - October 15th
  • Race #7 - October 22nd
  • Race #8 - October 29th

The Basics

So what exactly is cyclocross?

  • Races typically take place in the autumn and winter (September and October for our series), and consist of many laps of a short (1.5–3.0  km) course featuring gravel road, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount.

How long are the races?

  • We aim to run two races each evening. One will be focused on Beginner and Novice level fitness and run for approx. 30 minutes and the second will be for the fitter and more experienced folks and run for approx. 45 minutes.

Do I need a special bike?

  • The short answer is, no. We are running this series for fun and for training and will be accepting mountain or 'cross bikes. Read on for a bit more detail.
  • Cyclocross bicycles are similar to racing bicycles: lightweight, with narrow tires and drop handlebars. They are typically differentiated by their greater tyre clearances, lower gearing, stronger frames, cantilever (or disc) brakes and more upright riding position. They also share characteristics with mountain bicycles in that they utilize knobby tread tires for traction and increasingly, disc brakes. They have to be lightweight because competitors need to carry their bicycle to overcome barriers or slopes too steep to climb in the saddle.

What are the courses like?

  • Races almost universally consist of many laps over a short course, ending when a time limit is reached rather than after a specific number of laps or certain distance. Generally each lap is around 1.5-3.0 km and is 90% rideable. Races run under UCI rules must have courses that are always at least 3 m wide to encourage passing at any opportunity, however sections of singletrack are common for smaller races. A variety of terrain is typical, ranging from roads to paths with short steep climbs, off camber sections, lots of corners and, a defining feature, sections where the rider may need, or would be best advised to dismount and run while carrying the bike. Under-tire conditions include gravel, hardpack dirt, grass, mud and sand. In comparison to cross-country mountain bike events, terrain is smoother. Less emphasis is put on negotiating rough or even rocky ground with more stress on increased speed and negotiating different types of technical challenges.
  • Each section of the course typically lasts no longer than a handful of seconds. For example long climbs are avoided in favour of short, sharp inclines. Sections are generally linked together, or long straights broken up, with tight corners. This not only allows a standard length course to fit in a relatively small area, but also forces competitors to constantly change speed and effort. Accelerating out of corners, then having to decelerate for the next before accelerating again is a common theme.
  • Obstacles that force a rider to dismount and run with their bike or to "bunny hop" include banks too steep to ride up, steps, sand pits and plank barriers. Besides the start/finish area, these obstacles may be placed anywhere on the course that the race director desires. Several race directors have tried to limit bunny hopping for safety reasons by placing barriers in pairs or in triple (although under UCI rule no more than two barriers can appear in succession), however this hasn't stopped some of the best bunny-hoppers from getting over them. The regulation height for a barrier is 40 cm.

Above info borrowed and adapted from Wikipedia


Times & Dates

• 5:30  Registration Opens




Race #1 – Sept 10, 2013 Race #5 – Oct 8, 2013
Race #2 – Sept 17, 2013 Race #6 – Oct 15, 2013
Race #3 – Sept 24, 2013 Race #7 – Oct 22, 2013
Race #4 – Oct 1, 2013 Race #8 – Oct 29, 2013

SAVE an extra $10 off any full series registration (option 3 or 4) at any time throughout the season with an in store voucher from one of our supporting partners

Race Categories

 Race 1 (6:45 start)

No Cross experience, limited race experience – 30 min race time + 1 lap

  • Beginner – Entry level fitness & bike experience
  • Novice – Limited fitness level & bike experience

Race 2 (7:25 warm up, 7:45 start) - approx. based on length of  first race

Cross/Race experience – 45 min race time + 1 lap

  • Sport – Intermediate fitness level & bike experience
  • Expert – Advanced fitness level & bike experience


Registration Options

1. Full Series - Race Only

Series Entry   $60.00 +HST  $67.80*

Single rider race entry for those who ALREADY HAVE a Halton Parks Membership

2. Full Series - Race and Park Access

$100 incl. HST*

Series Entry   $60.00 +HST  $67.80
Park Access for 8 Tues $50.00 +HST  $56.50
Total Value    $124.30 incl. HST

Single rider race entry plus discounted park access for the 8 Tuesday nights of the series

3. Full Series - Race & Individual Halton Parks Membership

$150 incl. HST**

Series Entry   $60.00 +HST  $67.80
Individual Membership $90.00 +HST  $101.70
Total (after Sept 3, 2013)  $169.50 incl. HST

Single rider race entry and UNLIMITED individual access to ALL 7 CH parks for 365 days

4. Full Series - Race & Halton Parks Family/Vehicle Membership

*BEST Value*

$175 incl. HST**

Series Entry   $60.00 +HST  $67.80
Family/Vehicle Membership $115.00 +HST $129.95
Total (after Sept 3, 2013)  $197.75 incl. HST

Single rider race entry and UNLIMITED VEHICLE (+all occupants) access to ALL 7 CH parks for 365 days

5. Single Event - Race Entry and Park Access  
*Single event riders will NOT be included in season end standings*

 $22.25 incl HST

Race Entry (payable on line or at Visiotr Services)  $15.75 incl HST
Registration closes at noon on race day
Park Entrance Fee $6.50 incl HST

* Purchased at anytime throughout the series – NO prorating
** If purchased on or before Sept 3, 2013

Past Race Results Archive:

September 10: Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert 
September 17: Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert 
September 24: Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert 
October 1:         Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert 
October 8:         Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert 
October 15:      Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert 
October 22:      Beginner/Novice  Sport/Expert

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