2021-2022 Season Operational Plan

Escarpment and snow

Updated February 24, 2022: In the everchanging landscape the pandemic has created, we remain committed to providing not only fun and memorable experiences on the hill but also consistency and certainty for our visitors.  

As part of the Glen Eden 2021-2022 Operations Plan, we introduced a proof of vaccination requirement on November 23, for everyone 12 years and older who visits Glen Eden this season.  

When we first implemented the policy, we committed to upholding it for the entirety of the 2021-2022 season, regardless of any changes in provincial regulations, so that we could provide our visitors and our staff with a safe ski and snowboard season, and a greater sense of certainty and consistency. To that end, there will be no change to the vaccination policy for the 2021-2022 season.  

We will look to re-evaluate this requirement for the 2022-2023 season after consideration of the prevailing circumstances at that time. 

We appreciate all of the visitors who have attended Glen Eden so far this ski/snowboard season and who have worked through these changes with us during this unique time! 

To view the full operational plan for the 2021-2022 Glen Eden season, click here.

How the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will work:

The policy will be effective as of November 23, 2021. It will remain in place for the entirety of the 2021-2022 season so our visitors can have a safe ski and snowboard season with a greater sense of certainty and consistency.

When it’s time to make your lift ticket reservation online, you will be asked to confirm your vaccination status, and when you come to pick up your lift ticket at the hill, your proof of vaccination will be checked by one of our staff.

Season Passholders and Snow School participants will only need to show proof of vaccination once.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy FAQs

Glen Eden is committed to creating an environment that prioritizes the health and safety of all its visitors, staff, and the communities we serve. In order to ensure that we are creating a safe environment, and one that is manageable for our frontline staff, and doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are maintaining physical distancing measures both indoors and outdoors. 

Although you are outside during most of your visit at Glen Eden, there are many spaces in which you will be in close proximity to others, such as the lift lines, chairlifts, and Snow School for lesson participants.  These efforts are centred on maintaining high health and wellness standards to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all our visitors and staff.

Glen Eden welcomes over 300,000 visitors per year.  In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all our visitors and staff, we are maintaining a vaccine policy that supports high standards of health and wellness efforts that considers GE’s high visitation numbers and the large concentration of people enjoying common, high touch amenities.

Yes, we are requiring that all visitors of Glen Eden show proof of vaccination from COVID-19 this season, regardless of their intention to remain outdoors or use indoor spaces, as Glen Eden does not have the resources to check vaccination documents with each entry point into these spaces. Even if you are not using any of the indoor amenities, there are still times where you will be in close proximity to others while you are outdoors, such as waiting in line or sharing a chairlift. 

Proof of vaccination must be in a format recognized by the province of Ontario. Glen Eden recommends the Enhanced QR Code available here. The Verify Ontario App will be used to expedite verifications wherever possible. A recognized form of Photo ID is also required. Approved forms of ID include any listed here. 

A digital copy or paper copy of vaccination record may also be accepted however, it may take longer to process at point of check in. 

Glen Eden staff will check the vaccination status of season passholders when you pick up your Season Pass or when you arrive for your first visit. We highly encourage picking up your pass and showing proof of vaccination ahead of opening day at the Glen Eden Visitors Centre to make your first visit as smooth as possible. Proof of vaccination will not be accepted via e-mail.

Exemptions to this proof of vaccination requirement will be limited to those required by the Province of Ontario Medical Exemptions will be accepted in formats approved and required by the province of Ontario. 

It is the guest’s responsibility to secure the required QR code or documentation for their medical exemption.  Paper records for exemption will only be accepted if they meet provincial guidelines. 

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary. At the same time, the OHRC’s position is that a person who chooses not to be vaccinated based on personal preference does not have the right to accommodation under the Code. The OHRC is not aware of any tribunal or court decision that found a singular belief against vaccinations or masks amounted to a creed within the meaning of the Code. While the Code prohibits discrimination based on creed, personal preferences or singular beliefs do not amount to a creed for the purposes of the Code. Click here to learn more.

Those without proof of vaccination and who are transporting someone to Glen Eden will be permitted to drop off at the ski area using our marked “Drop and Go” traffic areas.  

If you intend to stay on the hill and watch your child while they are in lessons, you will be required to show proof of vaccination. 

Given the everchanging landscape that the pandemic has created as well as provincial and local public health recommendations that vary based on real-time modeling and trends, this policy will help ensure that guests know exactly what to expect before arriving at Glen Eden throughout the season.  These continuous strong health and safety measures that will be in place will help to ensure a safe environment, and one that is manageable for our frontline staff. 

When determining what our final policy would be this winter season, GE looked at what other large-scale activities and sites were doing, what other similar ski hills in Ontario were doing as well as in other provinces and we believe this is the best path forwarding in order to deliver the high standard of service we pride ourselves.   

This is not a decision that was made lightly, but we feel it is the safest way to operate for this season, and the safety of our staff, visitors, and community is our number one priority.  We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

If you have already purchased a Season Pass or Snow School package, and do not intend to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, full refunds will be issued until December 12th, 2021. To request your refund, please e-mail vslead@hrca.on.ca with your reservation number.

Masks will be required while using the indoor amenities, at all times, as well as when physical distancing is not possible lift lines and on chairlifts. Masks will also be required for participants of Snow School when they are in lift lines, on chairlifts, or where they cannot maintain a distance of two meters from others in their group.  

If you are eating in one of the indoor dining areas, we ask that you please only remove your mask when eating or drinking and put it back on as soon as you are finished. 

Yes, and we highly encourage all visitors to maintain a physical distance of two metres from others, where possible, both indoors and outdoors. In the event that physical distancing is not possible, such as waiting in lift lines or on chairlifts, masks will be required.

Glen Eden will be adhering to indoor capacities in lodges and retail shops in accordance with
provincial and municipal policies. These capacities are subject to change as guidelines are

Yes, reservations are still required for all season passholders and lift ticket users to help us monitor hill capacity, ensure there is adequate parking and reduce chairlift line-ups.  

Each reservation will be valid for a 4-hour timeslot.  

Snow School participants will see that reservations will be automatically generated for them to include the time of their lesson. These reservations will also be 4 hours in duration in total. 

Yes, in accordance with current guidelines, on-hill capacity at Glen Eden will be increased from last year. We will continue to monitor and follow provincial and local public health guidelines for capacity as the season progresses.

Yes, for the safety of our visitors and other staff members, all Glen Eden staff must be fully vaccinated in order to work this season.

Children who are younger than 12 years of age at the time of the vaccination policy implementation will be able to visit Glen Eden with no proof of vaccination required. Similarly, if your child turns 12 during the course of the 2021-2022 season, no proof of vaccination will be required.

In order to provide families with certainty and consistency throughout the entire season, the minimum age required for proof of vaccination will remain at 12 years of age for the duration of the season.   

Given vaccine approval for children under 12 years of age has only recently been announced in Canada, we will be maintaining the vaccine requirements for visitors 12 years and older as we recognize it may be challenging for parents and families to secure a vaccination appointment for their children in time for the winter ski and snowboarding season, given provincial supply and demand considerations. 

In order to provide our visitors with a safe ski and snowboard season and a greater sense of certainty and consistency, the mandatory vaccination policy at Glen Eden will remain in place for the entirety of the 2021-2022 season, regardless of provincial policy changes.

As per the provincial government’s most recent announcement on January 3rd, 2022, GE will be removing indoor dining and also adjusting indoor capacities in order to adhere to the new guidelines.  When indoors, patrons must be masked and physical distancing must be followed.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please e-mail us at proofofvaccination@gleneden.on.ca.